History of General Medical Council Press Office

History of General Medical Council Press Office

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This is the History of General Medical Council Press Office

Their aim was to equip patients with a raft of knowledge to help make important dental choices simpler to understand - although please be aware that this website should not be used as a substitute for advice from your dentist.

So, do ensure you stick to your check-ups too and hopefully our additional advice and support can help you out.

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Coloplast Wins Patent Infringement Verdict Against Generic Medical Devices, Inc
Using this approach, surgeons implant Coloplast's Aris® sling to help women regain control of their bladder.

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"Animal testing is an essential part of the production of safe and effective pharmaceutical and veterinary chemicals. The researchers in this field should be thanked, not intimidated."

It gives details of:

  • the doctor's reference number, name, any former name, gender
  • year and place of primary medical degree
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  • status on the Register, including whether the doctor holds a licence to practise
  • date of registration
  • Wedding Rings Direct
  • entry on the GP and Specialist Registers
  • any publicly available fitness to practise history.
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History of General Medical Council Press OfficeIs it the body which decides whether and when and under what conditions an addicted doctor can continue to practice? No, that is the Health Committee of the General Medical Council, but you would be surprised at the number of telephone calls for the General Medical Council we get.

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Hundreds of medical doctors are here to tell you the truth about vaccines. Protect yourself and your children.

You should ask the GMC if your cosmetic surgeon is on the plastic surgery section of its register. Any surgeon who is appointed as a consultant on NHS must be on this plastic surgery section of its register and have shown they have the relevant training and skills.

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Government inspectors have unrestricted access to research facilities. In 2004 alone, these inspectors - who are all qualified vets and doctors - made 2,682 visits to the 227 licensed animal facilities. Over half of these visits were unannounced.

Three separate licences are required from the Home Office before animal research can take place:

  • All animal facilities have to be licensed.
  • All individual research projects using animals require a licence to ensure the research cannot be done using non-animal methods, and that the minimum number of animals will be used.
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  • All individuals working with research animals must have a licence to ensure that they have the training, skills and experience to look after the animals properly.